“Arise, [Kyenjojo]! Let your light shine for all to see. For the glory of the LORD rises to shine on you.” - Isaiah 60:1

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If we are to raise a generation who knows and understands God, it is absolutely vital to teach the truth of the Gospel from a very young age. Many of the children in Kyenjojo are influenced by a corrupt and immoral society, drunken parents, relatives, and/or neighbors, and bad peer groups. Their values are far from Biblically based and there are no set standards for their lives. It is essential that we encourage these children to come to church so they can be trained under Biblical values that can transform their lives and behavior. Providing a Sunday lunch of fried rice (a special food that children greatly enjoy) is a perfect way to accomplish this goal. Over the years we have had many children begin to attend church simply to be given a meal. As they attend church every Sunday, their hearts and minds are also fed with the word of God through preaching and scripture memorization. They receive prayer, guidance, and encouragement, and they are challenged to follow God's ways in everything. The end result is a number of children whose hearts are fully committed to serving the Lord and following His ways and whose behavior is exemplary. We believe they will start a new generation and change society for the better!

The Word of God is the most powerful tool we have to enlighten people's eyes to the truth. It is a gift that never grows old or expires and never loses significance. The rewards from this gift can never be overestimated. We receive many requests each year from those who long to own a Bible. It is beautiful to see their excitement and hunger for the word of God. We have been able to bless and influence many because of this precious gift - including children, adults, staff, and even Police Officers and government officials.

There are many people in our area who are being led astray by the occults and false religions. Some of these people have never been introduced to Jesus Christ. They are walking blindly and need to be led to the truth. Outdoor evangelistic events in villages are a wonderful way to preach the Gospel and lead people to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Door to door evangelism and prison and hospital outreaches are also excellent opportunities to show the love of Christ to others and lead them to desire more of God. Jesus said that His mission on earth was "to seek and to save the lost (Luke 1:10)." We have also made this our personal mission and desire to see as many people come to Christ as we can.

As a way to honor children and commemorate their value, we organize an annual celebration for them. Children look forward to this day all year long because it is a day that they can play and enjoy. Children's lives are very demanding in Uganda. They have to take on many adult responsibilities due to poverty and other factors, but on this day they forget all their cares and concerns and experience being "children". We can have between 500 and 700 children in attendance. This day provides an avenue for us to reach the younger generation with the Gospel and also teach them moral values. We have numerous needs such as food, cake, drinks, and other celebration items to make this special day a success!

The Word of God is the most powerful tool we have to enlighten people's eyes to the truth. It is a gift that never grows old or expires and never loses significance. The rewards from this gift can never be overestimated. We receive many requests each year from those who long to own a Bible. It is beautiful to see their excitement and hunger for the word of God. We have been able to bless and influence many because of this precious gift - including children, adults, staff, and even Police Officers and government officials.

God's Care Church is a church that seeks to lift Jesus higher, teach the truth of the Gospel, and empower life change. Pastor Victor, the lead pastor, encourages people to commit their lives fully to God. Many people's lives are being changed as a result of the Sunday services, Bible studies, prayer meetings, and annual conferences. There are four temporary structures to accommodate the various age groups (Adults, Teens, Children, and Preschool Children). Our congregation is comprised of both the rich and the poor, so we still have numerous needs that cannot be met by offertories such as supplies, repairs and maintenance, and land expansion.


Many of our parents/guardians do not have any stable income; therefore, it is impossible for them to provide for their families. We have seen that it is vital to provide a way for our families to earn money so they can sustain themselves. They have numerous needs around them such as feeding their large families, paying school tuition, buying school requirements, and paying for medical care, among many others. We have helped parents and guardians start businesses such as retail shops, fish businesses, and animal farms to earn income for their families. These businesses not only help families overcome poverty, but also help them triumph over their impoverished attitudes and mindsets and instill principles of success in the family.

Peter is performing in the top three of his class this year and has received awards for his academic performance and spiritual talent as a preacher. He is a very well behaved boy and serves God wholeheartedly. He has not only benefited from the gift of school fees, but also from the gift of emergency medical care. He comes from a very needy family, and his mother is unable to afford to pay for many of Peter's needs. When he broke is arm last year, his mother could not afford to send him for an x-ray or pay for the cast. His arm continued to swell and cause great pain for him when he was in class, so the teacher recommended him for treatment. Due to the generosity of others, he was able to receive proper treatment and his arm fully recovered. Peter wrote a sincere letter of appreciation for his care and continues to express gratitude for all that was done for him.
He knows his life has been changed because of the gifts of others.


Before becoming involved in a small village called Katumba, the family was unable to grow food needed to provide proper nourishment to the children and adults. It is the children and elderly who suffer the most from lack of food. We have often found that giving seeds to needy families is a great way of empowering the family to take care of themselves. It can be that extra push to move them forward into action!


AG02 $10

Chickens are a wonderful source of protein. We have a poultry project for our Children's Home, which provides eggs for our children and also helps generate income to provide other needed items to sustain the home. Your gift can make a valuable contribution to our children's diet.

Cows provide much needed milk to our children, especially those who are malnourished and have other sicknesses such as HIV and malaria. It is also a way to generate income to help support our school and children's home.


AG05 $800;
Share the
Cost $400

One Acre
of Land

AG06 $500
Share the Cost

We would like to have a separate place to keep our cattle and begin larger scale farming. Currently, our animals and gardens are all located in the same vicinity as our children's home, school, and Medical Center. It would be a tremendous blessing to have a separate area specifically for our agriculture programs.

Our children at the Palace of Treasures and other families have benefited greatly from the gift of seeds. They have been able to plant vegetables and other foods to help reduce their expenditures. We even had a season where most of the country's tomatoes were affected by a disease, so the price of tomatoes went very high and their supply was scarce. During this time, our children didn't suffer at all because they had their own harvest of tomatoes


AG07 $10

In Kyenjojo, farmers use hand tools to care for their crops. These tools are fairly inexpensive, but some families have a difficult time buying simple tools such as hoes, rakes, and shovels. The elderly generation has benefited most from this gift because they make little income to buy extra items, and their sole survival comes from gardening.

One of the ways we ensure that our children at the Palace of Treasures eat a nutritious diet is to have fruit readily available for them. Due to the good climate of Uganda, many types of fruit trees can flourish here. Our children greatly enjoy eating the fruit from these trees, and they receive an abundant supply of vitamins and minerals.


AG08 $5

Seeds for

AG01b $25

Our School and Children's Home seek to grow their own food to help lower operational costs and also teach our children gardening skills. The majority of families in our area engage in agriculture for a living so it is an important skill to learn. Providing seeds for their gardens is a way you can sow into these children's future.

Community Development

Sparkling Gems Nursery & Primary School

Supplies to
One Child

CD01 For One School Term
$20; For A Year $60

In African schools, children are expected to provide all the materials needed for class. Many children are sent home simply because their families cannot afford to buy pens, pencils, and notebooks. Your gift makes it possible for children to study well by providing these materials for them.

Young children in Kyenjojo face many challenges when planning to attend school. One of them is the distance they have to walk to school. They can take as long as two and a half hours to attend school. During some of the months, it is the wet season, so they have to walk in the rain and then sit in a cold classroom with wet clothes. Many have to walk when it is dark, so their security is at risk. Girls who walk to school are often targeted by men, especially motorcycle men, and conned for sex. Young children are also at risk for accidents because drivers are very careless, and the roads are narrow. Parents often have a very difficult time affording the school charges, so they cannot even consider paying transportation fees. Your gift of transportation helps these children reach school safely.

Transport a
Child to School

SG06 One Term $15; One
Year $45

School Fees

For One Term $40;
For the School Year $120

Unlike in America, education isn't a free service to the community. Many orphaned and vulnerable children in the village are sent away from school because their family is unable to afford the payments required to go to school or they end up going to a poor quality school where the fees are very cheap. Some of these children are extremely intelligent, but they have to drop out of school before they even finish elementary due to lack of money. As we seek to empower the family, Sparkling Gems has a program to assist these special children so they can attend school. Your gift can make a child's dream of going to a good school come true!

Many village children come to school when they are hungry because they have eaten little or no breakfast. At times, children try to pack food from home, but unfortunately most of it gets spoiled before lunchtime. These children are also not guaranteed a big meal when they arrive home. Eating a satisfying lunch is a wonderful blessing and also aids in their concentration during afternoon lessons.

Student Lunch

SG03 $30

Community Development



MC02 $50

Many people suffer from illnesses in Uganda due to various causes such as poor hygiene, dust, poor living conditions, insects, etc. Many medical facilities prioritize making money over giving quality care; therefore, they charge highly and deliver unsatisfactory services. Although most of the government facilities are free, they usually lack staffing and medicine and their customer care is inadequate. It is our desire to provide quality medical care at McFarland Memorial Medical Center. Help us achieve this goal by providing required medical supplies.

We receive many children and adults who are in desperate need of medical care, but are unable to afford the medical bills. Some of these patients are almost at the point of death because they need an operation. Others have serious injuries such as broken bones that need immediate attention, or they can have serious ramifications for the rest of the patient's life. By giving this gift, you can play a significant role in bringing life to others.

Medical Care

CD05 $25 $50

James was only five years old, but he was already labeled as a total orphan because both of his parents died when he was very young. After his parents died, his suffering only intensified because he was placed in the care of his aunt who mistreated him. He was brought to our office for assistance after she burnt his feet and was taken to prison. As a result of the gifts that were given through the wishbook, we were able to give him medical care and take him to a safe haven - the Palace of Treasures.

Community Development

Palace of Treasures
Children’s Home


PT02 $25

Our Children's Home houses more than 60 children. Some of these children are brought in without any notice because they are in a life-threatening situation, or they need temporary shelter. They have immediate needs such as clothes, blankets, and bedsheets. Your gift can help give them a warm welcome to their new home.

Some of our children have HIV/AIDS or have lacked proper nutrition for some time. They come to the home when they are sick and very malnourished. In order to ensure that they progress and develop well, we need to add a lot of supplemental foods to their diet. Your gift can help improve the health of these children and promote their growth and development.

Feed a Child for
One Month

PT01 $15

These children were brought to our children's home because they had no place to live. Their father sent them away with their mother, so the government called us and asked us if we could accommodate them until they could find a resolution for this family. If it would not have been for the gift of supplies for children, these children would not have been cared for.

Community Development

Water Project

Bore Hole

LI01 Renovate
Community Bore Hole
$500 Share the
Cost $100

Water is one of the best gifts one can give because water is life. Many communities in Kyenjojo suffer because clean water is not readily available. They have to walk for miles to locate a good water source. Most of the time it is the children who fetch water for the family so their security is at risk. Some people use a dirty mud hole or other poor water source because they don't want to walk long distances. Many families suffer with water borne diseases due to contaminated water. Renovating abandoned bore holes or constructing a new bore hole is one way that this challenge can be overcome.

This is the most practical gift you can give. When you give this gift, the money is sent to the need that is the most pressing at that time.

Most Needed

MS01 $15, $30




A pick-up truck would greatly assist our procurement officers in buying and transporting materials and supplies to all of our projects.

This machine is desperately needed to assist our Medical Officers in properly diagnosing and treating the patients at our Medical facility.

Blood Counting

LI09 $10,000



Many of our children live in villages that are far away from our school. Walking these long distances results in exhaustion before they even begin their studies, and endangers their safety along the way because many men target school aged girls. Some children also desire to study from our school because of its academic excellence, but they are unable to attend because of the long distance.

Currently we only have a permanent structure for our Preschool and Kindergarten classes. All of our elementary classes are made of temporary wooden structures. These structures provide numerous challenges such as rain entering the classroom, classroom distractions due to the fact that each class can easily hear the other, and hygiene issues due to dust easily entering through the cracks in the wood. In order to enhance our educational environment and experiences, we desperately need better structures for our classrooms.

Elementary School

LI11 $50,000