Ugandan Staff

Alissa Cooper-Sande, a teacher who graduated from Clarion University, has been living in Kyenjojo since 2009 with her Ugandan husband, Pastor Victor Sande. They have five foster children (Grace, Brian, Jerald, Andrew, and Doreen) and two biological children, Caleb and Vanea. United as a couple, they are more than willing to dedicate their lives to making life better for the people of Uganda. We hope that you will join us in prayer, in action, and in ministry as we obey God’s call to “go and make disciples of all nations”, and we lean on His promise to be with us always [Matthew 28:19-20].

Truly, the only hope that this world has is through God’s Church and His people-those who discover and share the sacrificial and renewing love of Jesus as we go out in His strength and with His love. Join us and help be the change.

Pursuing God’s Dream

To learn more about the first few years of Alissa’s journey, please
visit her blog. (Entries from 2008-2012)
Alissa Cooper Sande, the founder and executive director of Heart for Uganda, is a foreign missionary to Uganda, Africa. She has a Master’s Degree in Reading from Clarion University and was formerly an elementary teacher at Clarion Limestone School District in Strattanville, Pennsylvania. She resigned from her teaching job in Spring 2007 to pursue a dream that had been in her heart from the time she was eight years old. Alissa took three short-term trips to Africa-one in 2001 to Kenya and Tanzania, one to Mozambique and Sudan in 2008, and two to Uganda in 2007 and 2008. Then, in February 2009, Alissa moved to a district called Kyenjojo, Uganda, an area primarily composed of small villages. She is now currently ministering with her husband, a Ugandan Pastor named Victor Sande, under God’s Care Ministries, which is the Ugandan organization that is partnering with Heart for Uganda. Her primary ministry aspiration is to establish a Children’s Village in Kyenejojo District, which when completed will include a Hospital, Schools-Elementary, High School, & a Vocational School, a Library, and Children’s homes for the orphans and vulnerable children.

She is fully convinced that God has restored her life so that she can restore the lives of others. She has willingly chosen to surrender her life to God and sacrifice it for others.

Alissa, Caleb, Vanea, and five foster children (Grace, Doreen, Gerald, Andrew & Brian)

Pastor Victor Sande, the pastor of God’s Care Church and the founder & director of God’s Care Ministries, a Ugandan Non-Profit Organization, was raised by his father and step-mother in the capital city of Uganda, Kampala. He made a personal decision to follow the Lord in September 1997, when he was seventeen years of age. Before that time, he went to church and was involved in ministry activities in order to obey and please his parents. He attended high school up to Uganda’s highest level, which could be called grade 13 in America. He deeply desired to attend the university, but failed to attend due to financial issues. As a result, he began to attend several Bible trainings and participate in correspondence courses to increase His Biblical knowledge because he had made the decision to serve the Lord when he accepted Jesus into His heart in 1997.

In April 2007, Pastor Victor received a dream of someone instructing him to go to Western Uganda and do the work of the Lord. He was told to put his base in Kyenjojo. It was not easy for him to move from the capital city to the rural area of Uganda, where life is more difficult, but he faithfully followed the Lord’s leading and moved to Kyenjojo on July 12, 2007. He began God’s Care Ministries, which later became a partner with Heart for Uganda in America. God has abundantly blessed these ministries in a short period of time, and many Ugandans have been blessed and their lives have been changed as a result. Pastor Victor has also personally witnessed the blessing of the Lord, as God has delivered him and his immediate family from a great number of trials and tribulations. He wishes to remind everyone that God hears the cries of those who seek after Him and blesses them.

Love can overcome any obstacle and love can change even the impossible.
The only challenge is there is no guarantee that it’s always simple.
Matter of fact, it’s those tough challenges that prove the purity and strength of our love.”

— Katende Moses