Violet’s Family

Violet’s family was extremely poor.  Her mother was left with five children after her husband was poisoned and died.  She could barely find a way to feed her children, so sending them to school was utterly impossible until the sponsorship program came into their lives.

After beginning school, it was soon realized that Violet and her bothers and sisters were very intelligent.  In fact, Violet and another one of her sisters began performing amazingly well.  Violet is always at the top of her class and loves learning so much.  She is extremely grateful for all the ways her family has been assisted through the sponsorship program.

Violet’s mother is very hardworking also and has been able to be assisted through the sponsorship program in terms of a business so she can provide for the basic needs of her family.

Violet knows that her family would have no hope if it were not for God and the sponsorship program.