We found Treasure because he stole sauce pans from our church.  He was a street child and compulsive thief.  He had no parents, and his grandmother was an alcoholic.  He had experienced much abuse, not only from home, but also from the community because of his ill habits.  

I knew from the moment I saw him that God had sent him to us for a special mission.  This is a boy who had the name “Treasure”, but vividly didn’t recognize the destiny God had planned for him.  He was living in darkness, but God was calling him to walk in the light.    

As we have tried to transform the mindset of a beggar into the mindset of a prince, we have faced numerous challenges.  Yet, we have seen God orchestrate many situations and events to remind us all that Treasure is loved and chosen by God himself.  

He is now doing very well in school, and his behavior is reforming. We know that someday Treasure is going to have a glorious testimony to share that will bring tremendous glory and honor to God!