Teddy was only 13 years old but was being forced into child labor by her mother .  She would often act as the primary caregiver for her three siblings, as well as have to do all the cooking and cleaning herself.  Her mother would often leave the children alone for days and sometimes even nights.  Her father had died, and her mother was extremely angry and abusive.  She would severely mistreat Teddy, which included physical, mental, and emotional abuse.  She would speak unimaginable words to her and would beat her with anything she could find.  

Teddy joined us at the Palace of Treasures after us witnessing her mother trying to throw bricks at Teddy’s head, while shouting, “I will kill you, and no one will ask for you.  Do you think your father is there?  He is not there, so no one will ask for you when you are dead.”

Teddy has now been at the Palace of Treasures for about nine months.  She is in a much more peaceful environment and is experiencing healing and restoration as she is touched by God and others in a loving way.