Richard (age 4) and his brother (age 6) were referred to us by government officials. He was extremely neglected and malnourished. His mother abandoned him and his brother at a very young age, and their father was an alcoholic.  Richard was extremely neglected.  His father did not often provide food for him and his brother because he was too drunk to do anything for them.  

By the time Richard was brought to our home, his stomach, feet and hands were swollen; his feet, fingers, elbows, and palms were full of jiggers; and he was so weak he could even fall while standing. Richard’s blood levels were so low that he had to be referred for a blood transfusion, and it was discovered that most likely he would have only survived for a minimum of two weeks if he had not received medical care. We thank God for bringing us these special treasure. He now has a sponsor who deeply loves him and is helping to provide for his needs.  Richard is attending school and doing well in our home.  He is a delightful child, and his smile speaks volumes about what God has done for Him!