Moses was four years old when he came to our children’s home -“the Palace of Treasures”.  He couldn’t walk or talk due to the trauma and abuse he experienced, and he was extremely malnourished.  His mother had abandoned him when he was only two months old so he remained with his father and step-mother.  His father refused to care for him, and his step-mother denied him food and severely beat him every day.  

When he first came to our home, he was very sick, never smiled and didn’t want to be near anyone.   After spending a few months with us, we began to see his health improve, and he started to interact with others.  As the love of God was lived out through the care givers and children in the home, we clearly witnessed Moses’ life change.  He began smiling, walking, and talking.  He has now greatly improved from when he first came to us!  We continue to pray for greater miracles for this boy!