We met Monicah at our school Sparkling Gems.  She was an extremely intelligent child.  She was always performing at the top of her class.  There was only one big hindrance to her academic success.  She had pain in her legs almost all of the time.  Her father tried to take her to a number of medical facilities to get her treatment, but nothing seemed to work.  She was in and out of hospitals and in and out of school.

It was her final year of elementary school, and she was only remaining with two weeks to go until her exam.  She was still experiencing much pain, but was determined to try to persist in taking the exam.  She had missed many days due to her illness, but she didn’t want to give up on her dream of going to high school.  

Due to the miraculous power of God, she didn’t have to give up on that dream.  At our prayer and dedication service, we prayed for Monicah’s legs, and they were healed.  She was able to take her exams pain free and continued on to high school where she is still performing at the top of her class.  

She was even recruited in the sponsorship program because we realized that her chances of going to high school would be washed away due to the poverty of her family.  Her father wasn’t assisting Monicah and her mother, who was extremely sick, in any way.  

Thanks to God and the sponsorship program, Monicah’s future is filled with hope.