Mable was a child that had been neglected, and her body bore the physical signs of the abuse she had endured.  She was a child who was born with HIV/AIDS; therefore, her mother neglected her.  She would leave her outside the house, lying in the same position whether it rained or shined.   She didn’t feed her well and didn’t give her medical care.

Mable had many medical illnesses, including paralysis on her left side- most likely due to being in the same position for so long.  One of the neighbor women had compassion on her and brought her into her home to try to care for her.  Shortly after that, Mable was recruited into our sponsorship program.  

She was given much medical attention, prayer, love, and a better diet.  Today Mable is greatly improving.  She is gaining weight and getting stronger.  She can walk and go to school.  We thank God for what he is doing in this little girl, and we continue to pray that Mable will be healed.  It is a great testimony that she is even alive!  Glory be to God.