Innocent came to our Palace of Treasures shortly before his father died.  He and his brother, aged 10 and 11, had been living with their very ill father for a number of years.  Innocent’s mother died when he was very young, and his father was an alcoholic.  Very little care and attention had been given to Innocent and his brother from the time they were young.  As Innocent grew older, his father was mostly bedridden due to his poor health, so the boys became responsible for the home.  

  At the time we removed Innocent from his Father’s home, he looked malnourished, neglected, and unhappy.  He had many jiggers, which are parasites that dig into the skin.  They suck human blood and make the skin very itchy.  In addition, Innocent hadn’t been attending school on a regular basis, his performance was low, and he was angry and disrespectful.  

After spending three years in the Palace of Treasures, Innocent is a completely different boy.  He loves God and is devoted to serving Him.  He is very responsible, helpful, and mature.  He shows kindness to others and has learned how to better control his temper.  He is performing well in school, and is almost ready to complete  elementary school and continue on to high school.  We are proud of this precious child of God!