Denis was a child who had been neglected by many. He was extremely sick and had no parents. His Uncle didn’t seem to care about his future, but God definitely cared. One evening when Caitlin was praying she asked God to show her something He cared about. She instantly saw the picture of a little boy dying in the village. A few weeks later, she met this boy in person, and was part of the mission to rescue him.

By the time he reached the Palace of Treasures, he was extremely sick, severely malnourished, and could hardly walk due to the malnourishment. He looked like he was around five or six years, but actually had the age of 10 or 11.  

After spending over two years at the Palace of Treasures, he is now much healthier and stronger.  He also is now enrolled in school – a dream he always had in his heart.  He had given up hope that it would be attained because of his illness.  Thank God for what He is doing in this little boy’s life.  Please continue to pray for his total healing!