Daniel was a very intelligent eleven year old boy, but he couldn’t stay focused in school because of the situation at home and the negative peer groups in his village.  He was living with his grandmother because his mother had left him to go and work in a bigger city.  His grandmother had children and grandchildren to care for, and her work required her to be absent from the home for weeks at a time.  While she was gone, Daniel was disobedient and unruly for his older cousin so he was often mistreated by him.  When his grandmother returned, she also mistreated Daniel for his misbehavior.  

Daniel came to the Palace of Treasures when he was starving for love and affirmation, but within a short time he found exactly what he was looking for.  He quickly became one of the most disciplined boys at the home and improved his performance in school-even placing in the top third of his class.  It is truly amazing what love can do!