School Project

“Sharpening Minds to Change Destinies”

Established in February 2013, Sparkling Gems exists to cultivate the hidden potential in all children and provide quality education for many, especially the economically deprived.  We strive to provide academic excellence, spiritual and moral development, and psychological care to our students.  Sparkling Gems is going to transform destinies and produce greatness in children who would have never had the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Sparkling Gems is not just a school.  It is a transformation center.  It seeks to impact all who behold it’s premises and/or are involved in the school, whether teacher, child, parent, cook or any other person associated with Sparkling Gems.

“If Sparkling Gems doesn’t exist great potential and will be buried.  Future doctors, government leaders, teachers, pastors, and many other world changers and history makers will not surface.”

“With God’s help, we are truly going to change the future by unlocking the value that is inside our children and enabling them to believe in the God who dwells within them. We believe our school will become a model school in the nation and will motivate others to improve their instructional methods and treatment of the children.”