“Offering Living Water that Truly Satisfies”

Water is the gateway to wellness and life, yet over 60 percent of Kyenjojo is using unprotected water sources.  It is our vision to ensure that the entire community has access to clean and safe water and to increase the safety of our children as they collect it.   Many children walk long distances to fetch water which places them at great risk early in the morning and late at night.  Water-borne diseases also cause many illnesses.  We provide healthy water sources (bore holes, shallow wells, spring wells) as well as hygiene and sanitation training.  

Finally,  we are confident that unless people meet Jesus, the living water that truly satisfies (John 7:38), the villages will never be transformed.  Heart changes are what lead to societal changes.  Consequently, we use the provision of physical water to teach the people about their Creator and Sustainer.    It is our desire to meet the community’s spiritual needs, as we seek to meet their physical needs. 

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