Children’s Village

“A Village of Hope”

The vision to establish a community for orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa began in 1987 in the heart of a seven year old.  This vision was birthed into existence in February 2009 when approximately fifty acres of land was purchased outside the town of Kyenjojo, Uganda in a rural village called Nyarungongo.  The land was designated for a Children’s Village that would provide neglected children with reliable medical care, safe housing, and quality education.

McFarland Memorial Medical Center is one of the many projects that now stands on this land.  The center has an outpatient clinic and a small hospital.  Other projects on the land include children’s dormitories, a preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school, a water system, and agriculture projects.  

It is our goal in the future to also have a high school, vocational school, large hospital, boarding school facitilies, staff dormitories, more children’s homes and possibly a teachers’ insititute.

  • Sparkling Gems Nursery School
  • Sparkling Gems Elementary School
  • Palace of Treasures
  • McFarland Memorial Medical Center
  • Water System
  • Agriculture Project
1 Sparkling Gems Nursery School2 Sparkling Gems Elementary School3 Palace of Treasures4 McFarland Memorial Medical Center5 Water System6 Agriculture Project7
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