Child Sponsorship

“Denis was dying in the village until he was recruited in the sponsorship program.”

“Restoring Hidden Treasures for the Glory of God.”

Since 2009, Heart for Uganda Child Sponsorship has been seeking to save orphaned and vulnerable children in Kyenjojo District, Uganda.  Kyenjojo is one of the highest districts for AIDS’ orphans, malnourished children, and teenage pregnancies.  Many of these children have lost all hope and need immediate intervention.  

For $40 a month, you can provide a child with health care, educational opportunities, hygiene training, Bible training, and other necessities.  In addition, your monetary gifts will also support vital development in the community where the sponsored child lives.  You will have the opportunity to have cooerspondence with your child and receive updates on his or her progress. The special one-to-one relationship that is created through this sponsorship program has inspired hope, brought joy, and promoted salvation in the lives of many children and teens.


We currently have 220 children who are enrolled in our program.  It is our goal to reach 250 by the end of 2018.

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