Alissa Cooper Sande

Alissa Cooper Sande, the founder and executive director of Heart for Uganda, is a foreign missionary to Uganda, Africa. She has a Master’s Degree in Reading from Clarion University and was formerly an elementary teacher at Clarion Limestone School District in Strattanville, Pennsylvania. After seeing the desperate children of Uganda in 2007, Alissa resigned from her teaching job and decided to pursue the African dream that had God placed on her heart at the age of seven.  Alissa moved to Kyenjojo, Uganda in February of 2009 and is now currently ministering there with her husband, Pastor Victor Sande.  Her primary ministry aspiration is to help children find hope, life and love through the physical demonstration of the Gospel.  She is fully convinced that God has restored her life so that she can restore the lives of others. She has willingly chosen to surrender her life to God and sacrifice it for others.