God’s Care Ministries

God’s Care Ministries
[HFU’s counterpart in Uganda]

God’s Care Ministries is a Christian organization based in Uganda, East Africa. It is located in the Western part of the country. God’s Care Ministries is registered as a non profit organization or Non-Governmental Organization; however, it is a faith based organization which is based on Christian principles. This organization is registered as an NGO, Registration No. S.5914/8410.

God’s Care Ministries began as a dream by one young man called Sande Serunjogi Victor in 2007 and now every day he sees more of it unfolding. Victor left the capital city July 12, 2007 to move up country to pursue the dream God had given him. With the help of his friends and family he successfully registered the ministry in February 2008 with Kyenjojo district.

The organization began by setting up a church in the town, using an elementary school as their meeting place. Currently they have secured land in Kyenjojo and have constructed three temporary structures-one for the adults, one for the youth, and one for the children.

God’s Care Ministries has offices in Kyenjojo town. It has a Medical Center, Agricultural Program, Sponsorship Program, and many other programs to foster the dreams that the organization has. God’s Care Ministries has approximately 60 acres of land, which will be developed into a Children’s Village for disadvantaged children. The Children’s Village currently has a Medical Center, a small hospital, an almost completed surgery building, an orphanage, and a school. In the future, we will expand to include a large hospital, high schools, a library, a vocational school, and homes for orphaned and vulnerable children.

God’s care Ministries has full time employees totaling to 50 and casual laborers who assist periodically through the year or with specific projects such as construction.

God’s Care Ministries has a governing body called the board of trustees, who help to oversee the management of the organization. It has more governing bodies as well, i.e. the church elders, the management staff, and other senior staff.

God’s Care Ministries
Board Members

Pastor Victor Sande Serunjogi
– Founder and Chairperson

Ndugwa Godfrey Sande
– Coordinator

Michael Martin Serunjogi
– Treasurer

Ian Kagimbo
– Secretary

Alissa Cooper Sande
– Board Member