Children’s Ministry

The children’s ministry continues to grow! Approximately 160 children and attend Sunday services regularly. We built a , so temporary structure in addition to the initial God’s Care Church building to hold the children’s service.

We offer weekly services that include Bible study, worship, music, and dance for the youngest children (which could be 1 or 2) through age 11. This ministry has grown significantly since November 2009, when we began offering a small church service for the children after the main adult service.

In July 2010, we began to offer the children lunch (fried rice – a luxury food for most village children) after worship. Lunch is a meal many of them miss on a regular basis so they are extremely grateful for this provision. We also distribute free school supplies three times a year to all of the children who attend our church.

Alissa Cooper-Sande is the primary teacher, but she has other church members who assist her, especially because of the language barrier. The children seem to greatly enjoy the service and are also showing spiritual growth. Alissa has been deeply burdened about the importance of raising up a new generation–one that is founded on Godly principles, and she is determined to invest spiritually in the lives of these children. Every Sunday she prays for all the children who request for prayer, which is almost all of the children. This is a very special time for the children and for Alissa. It is beautiful to see the desire these children have for the touch of the Lord!