Our Beliefs

Core Values and Beliefs

We value God.

We believe God is supreme over all creation and all created beings.  We believe in a triune God-God the father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.


We value Scripture.

We believe that the Holy Bible is the only inspired, infallible word of God.  It is the foundation of our faith and mission. 


We value Prayer.

We believe that prayer is the backbone of everything we do.  If we are to carry God’s heart, we have to be intimately connected to Him.  We have to be motivated by God’s agenda and not our own.  


We value Salvation.

We believe the only way of salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.  Jesus is the only atonement for sins and the only access to Heaven.


We value Faith.

We believe that faith is paramount to our success as Christians and as an organization.  We walk by faith and not by sight, focusing more on our spiritual sight rather than our physical.   


We value Love.

We believe in the all-surpassing power of love.  We recognize that God’s love manifested itself through Jesus when he came to the earth.  That love, presently being lived out through the life of the believer, is the only hope for humanity.  Agape love speaks louder than words and changes everything. 


We value Relationship.

We believe that as we cultivate our relationship with God, we will be empowered to live in better relationship with others.  We believe all humanity has been made in the image of God and therefore, has value. 


We value Service.

We follow Christ’s example of servant leadership.  This concept is at the forefront of our mission.  We believe we are here to serve, rather than to be served. 


We value Transformation.

We believe that we are here to carry light in a dark world, and as the light of God shines in a dark world, new life and transformation occur.  We do not exist simply to see short-term results, but we desire to see long-term results. 


We value Glorification.

We believe that our sole purpose for existence is to glorify God and bring honor to Him.  Our aim is not just to achieve excellent results, but lead people to praise and glorify God.


We value Children.

We believe children, including the unborn, are valuable in the sight of the Lord.  Sowing a seed in a child’s life is sowing into the future because they are the future leaders of tomorrow.   In order to change a society, we must see a change in our children.